Event: Math Fair 2015
Visual Design & Production  |  Illustration  |  Visual Concept 
Continuing with our popular Math Fair event, in 2015, we introduced a new culture-enriched exhibition and gameplay experience that transported audiences across time and space to the origins of mathematics - South of the Sahara. We did research on African cultures to ensure that what we conveyed was accurate. We discussed the event's general idea and sketched out concepts to capture the overall ambiance and feeling. Due to budget limits and location restrictions, we explored a few different options for materials substitution and color choices to provide the best experience for the audience.

Concept sketch for South of the Sahara exhibition to showcase ambiance, mood, and potential arrangement. 

Sketch of the gameplay station environment.

Shelter sketch for builders to put together actual model.

One of our board game prototypes - Dithwai to play at the South of the Sahara exhibition.

This event successfully attracted thousands of students, parents, teachers, and educators, and it was also reported in many educational media outlets.
Photoshop  |  Illustrator 
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